In house roasted coffee

The smell, grind and origin of quality coffee is what drives our team at Corporate Coffee Solutions. Finding and recommending premium beans is what you can expect from our coffee machine experts, well versed in the blends that are best received by Australian coffee drinkers.

Roasted fresh on our own state of the art Brambati Coffee Roaster, you can experiment and select one of our signature house blends for a consistently great coffee. Our in house roasted coffee selection has a range of coffees to suit all palates in the workplace. 

Here’s what you could be starting your Monday morning with:

Coffee Brands

Natural Bean coffee


Natural Bean is an award-winning, 100% Arabica coffee, locally blended and roasted. This brand offers a selection of the finest coffees, for true coffee lovers.

Grand Milano Espresso Coffee in the classic Milano style


Grand Milano is a powerful yet delicate, Italian-inspired blend of coffee, created using the finest beans and carefully roasted for a sweet, rich and rounded coffee in the classic Milano style.

Miko Coffee


With more than 200 years of experience as a coffee roasting company coffee, Miko offers a range of coffee blends that reflects their knowledge and heritage.

Red earth coffee


Red Earth is a coffee brand using premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans sourced from around the globe and roasted locally in Australia.

Puro Fairtrade Coffee


Puro’s coffee beans are sourced from Fairtrade co-operatives. Our small farmers are meticulous about their business and pick their crop with great care. Their passion can be tasted in every cup of Puro.

Private Label coffee - bespoke coffee


Have a coffee in mind that we can match? Or would you like your own business name and logo on your coffee? All these options are available with our skills in bespoke roasting and private label coffee concepts.

1 Supplier, 100% Coffee Service

Interested in a 100 % Coffee Service for your office? In having 1 supplier for your office coffee machine, coffee beans and all the extras? Contact us today!

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